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Carmike Cinemas

Carmike Cinemas was a chain of movie theaters that was acquired by AMC Theatres in March 2016.

Carmike was founded by Carl L. Patrick, Sr.. The name was derived from the names of his two sons Carl Jr. and Michael.

Carmike acquired Fox Theaters and many individual theatres including Salt Lake's Villa Theatre which it acquired in 1998. The company was unable to pay back the loans used for its rapid expansion and the chain fell into bankruptcy in 2000.

After re-emerging from bankruptcy Carmike resumed the practice of expansion through acquisition. It purchased 30 GKC Theaters in 2005, MNM Theatres in 2011, 16 theaters from Rave in 2012, Muvico Theaters in 2013, Digital Cinema Destinations Corp., and Sundance Cinemas from The Sundance Group in 2015.

Carmike was then swallowed up by AMC Theatres in 2016. Carmike had 276 theaters with 2,954 screens at the time. The acquisition made AMC the largest movie theater in the country.

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