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Carrier Global Group

Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR) is a multinational producer of HVAC systems headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl.

The current company was spun off from United Technologies Corporation before UTC's merger with Raytheon in 2020.

Carrier Group History

In 1902 a publisher named Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing & Publishing Company of Brooklyn, New York hired Willis Carrier (1876 – 1950), an engineer, to develop a system to control humidity for its four color press system. Historians recognize this as the first modern air conditioner.

Carrier applied for a patent in 1904 which was granted as U.S. Patent 808,897 in 1906.

On discovering that "constant dew-point depression provided practically constant relative humidity" in 1906, Carrier applied for a patent for an automatic control system in 1907. He received patent U.S. Patent 1,085,971 in 1914.

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