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Deckers Outdoor Corporation is home to notable lifestyle brands of footwear. The corporation was founded in 1973 by Doug Otto - an avid surfer who designed and sold flip flops along the California coast to help support his passion.

The company has expanded by helping other passionate developers bring their designs of footwear to the market. Brands in the company's line up include Teva, UGG Australia, Sanuk and more.

Teva Sandals

The Teva brand of sandals was developed by Mark Thatcher of Flagstaff in 1983 who was a professional geophysicist and avid river runner. The first designs combined an ankle strap to thong style sandals to create a shoe more compatible with river running. Teva into a variety of highly functional sports sandals.

Teva entered into an arrangement with Deckers to produce the sandals in 1985 after a patent dispute with its first producer California Pacific. Deckers acquired the patents for Teva in 2002. Teva continues to provide a wide selection of sports sandals.

UGG Australia

UGG Australia offers a line of sheepskin boots with a wool inner lining developed by Australian surfers seeking to keep their feet dry and sand free.

UGG Boots moved beyond the world of surfing and became a fashion trend as celebrities began donning and endorsing UGG Boots in the early 2000s and are favorite boot for anyone seeking a fashionable boot that keep the feet dry.UGG Boots have become the primary revenue stream for Deckers.


Sanuk is a brand of super comfortable sandals created by Jeff Kelley who began making sandals from indoor/outdoor carpet.


HOKA ONE ONE is a brand of comfortable endurance running shoes acquired by Deckers in 2012.


Ahnu is a line of of shoes developed by outdoor enthusiasts Jenny Fredericks and Jacqueline Van Dine who sought to capture organic aesthetics with a line of sneakers and sandals.


Tsubo is a line of fashionable, shoes, sandals and wedges.


Mozo is a line of street shoes designed for culinary professionals. The shoes were designed in concert with world renown chefs with the goal of making a shoe that could take the heat of the kitchen while looking great in the serving area.

Corporate Information

Deckers.com is the company's primary corporate site with information for investors and job seekers. Deckers trades on NASDAQ with the symbol: DECK. The Yahoo profile indicated the company had 3,200 employees as of 2014.

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