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DLJ Merchant Banking Partners

DLJ Merchant Banking Partners was a New York based merchant bank that engaged in leveraged buyouts. The company was purchased by Credit Suisse. Swiss banks had strict privacy policies and Wall Street firms had a history of trying to hide profits in Switzerland until the international community started to crack down on tax evasion.

Credit Suisse spun out pieces of DLJ. The company Diamond Castle Holdings departed in 2004. Their web site claims they have $2 billion in assets, but it does not list its portfolio, nor does it report news.

The spun out firms do not appear to have the clout of the original firm. So, I will clump both the originating company and spun out companies together.

From what I understand, aPriori Capital gained the bulk of the portfolio when it spun out in 2014. Interestingly, the site only lists transactions after the Credit Suisse acquisition and lists only three active investments.

Corporate History

This section includes corporate transactions that I encounter in my research. Due to the changes in ownership, information about the firm is not as readily available as with companies that were not split apart.

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