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Greyhound Line

Greyhound is a bus line serving the United States and Canada. The line is owned by a British company called FirstGroup which is based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

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The line was built by an American company that grew into a major conglomerate that owned restaurants, food companies and Dial Soap. There was a sharp decrease in the number of bus riders in the 1980s and the line was losing money. The union responded this decreased ridership by holding a series of strikes in 1983 and 1987.

Holding a strike in a down market made things worse. The 1987 strike was particularly nasty.

After the strike, Greyhound Corporation decided to sell Greyhound and is now called Viad.

The busline stumbled through a series of strikes, bankruptcies and route reductions before being acquired by FirstGroup.

The vicious strikes at Greyhound never made sense to me. The Perhaps the strikers were hoping the bus system would be nationalized as they were in England. Interestingly, at the same time that unions were striking in the states, the British government had decided to divest its inefficient bus system.

History of FirstGroup

Since the company that built Greyhound has distanced itself from the line, I guess that the corporate history for the firm should start with the company that acquired Greyhound.

This company's history is difficult to understand because England had nationalized then privatized its buslines. The privatization was followed by rapid consolidation. The company at the center of the consolidation had the name Bristol Tramways. It was named after a pioneer in transportation.

The first incarnation of Bristol Tramways started with electric trams and horse drawn taxi cabs; So I will start here.

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