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Lids puts the cap on fashions. The store's selection of hats includes team branded baseball caps, ski hats, pop culture hats and a selection of apparel. This is a great place to find gear for your favorite MLB, NFL, NCAA, NHL, Racing or NBA team.

Lids began in 1992 as a Mall kiosk built from a Model T Ford. The store was founded by two student entrepreneurs. Lids quickly expanded their dream and the chain grew to 413 stores by 2000. Hat World was founded in 1994 by Glenn Campbell and Scott Molander. The stores saw the same rapid growth.

Hat World and Lids merged as a result of the dot com bust in 2001. The current headquarters for Hat World/Lids is in Indianapolis, Indiana. Hat World/Lids was purchased by Genesco in 2004. (NYSE: GCO).

The company has an affiliate program with Commission Junction, but avoids affiliation with second rate outfits like my site.

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