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JC Penney Potraits

JC Penney Portrait is a chain of portrait studios run by Lifetouch in junction with JC Penney Stores. There seems to be a one to one match between the stores and studios.

The web site lets you schedule an appointment online. It also includes galleries with samples of different portrait types including baby, toddlers, children, businesses, pets, holidays, weddings, couples, etc.

Lifetouch is an employee owned chain that was founded in 1936 as National School Studios. The company offers portrait services for schools and church groups. They have a small line of independent studios branded as Cilento Photography.

BTW, if you are taking pictures for a business, a web site, greeting cards, etc.; You should check out the studio's copyright policy. US Copyright Laws states that the studio owns the copyright of the image. The Terms and Conditions page says the studio will sell the copyright of the high resolution images. If you are taking pictures for the web or business; you should factor in the price of buying the copyright.

The copyright issue applies to all photos. If you handed your camera to your cousin Hal; Hal would actually be the copyright holder.

Speaking of JC Penney. Penney's has an affiliate program. if you pressed the banner below and bought something online, I would get a commission which i would use to pay down the credit card debt I incurred creating this site.


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