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Nucor is a producer of steel products with headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. They trade on the NYSE with the symbol NUE.

Subsidiaries include:

Nucor has a rather interesting history. The company was founded by Ransom E. Olds who left his namesake company Olds Motor Vehicle Company to create the REO Motor Car Company. The most famous model from REO was the REO Speed Wagon.

REO Speed Wagon Logo

REO Motors declared bankruptcy in 1954 and sold its factories. Activist shareholders wanted to keep the corporation alive. They acquired a company called Nuclear Consultants, Inc. and changed the corporate name to Nuclear Corporation of America Inc. with offices in the Empire State building.

Nuclear consulting didn't work out; so they tried the conglomerate model and purchased including the steel fabricator Vulcraft Corporation.

The company went bankrupt again in 1965. They shed everyhting but the steel fabrication. There were many steel fabricators. The fabricators were at the mercy of the steel producers; so the company leveraged everything and bought an electric arc furnace and began producing steel and the company became a penny stock.

The gamble paid off. In 1972. The company took the name Nucor and it has been molten metal ever since.

Corporate History

I am putting corporate events of companies in a list format as I think this is an easy way to track mergers and acquisitions.

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