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A press release is a media communication directed at local newspapers or members of the press with the hope that the media will pick up the information and report the information as news.

Any formal release of information to the media can be considered a press release. For that matter, firms that have a solid relation with the media can engage in "press releases" just by emailing local reporters.

Since the goal of a press release is to get information printed in the media, the art of the press release is to report information to the media in such a way that the media would see it as newsworthy.

PRWeb is a web based Press Release service. An organization can submit an article with a fee. PR Web will review the article. If it meets their standards, they will put the press release in their news feeds and there is a chance that members of the media will pick it up.

The ongoing challenge faced by PRWeb is that there is a huge difference between what marketers consider news and what reporters consider to be news.

Online press release services have developed a low reputation as marketers inundate the channels with marketing messages.

Personally, I have never used the service. I decided to put links in my listing of independent news sources as I believe there is value to a press release service.

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