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The Community of Christ is a church with congregations in 60 nations that claims to have 250,000 members. The church was formed in 1860 and traces its history to the teachings of Joseph Smith.

The church was known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS) from 1872 to 2001. It's headquarters are in Independence, Mo. It has temples in Independence and Kirtland, Oh. The Kirtland Temple was the first temple built by the Latter Day Saints movement. The temple was dedicated in 1836.

In that same year Joseph Smith created a quasi-bank called the Kirtland Safety Society. The failure of this bank ruined the businesses in Kirtland. Smith fled the state and ownership of the temple fell into question. The RLDS claimed rights to the temple and acquired it in 1901 through adverse possession.

The Wikipedia article does not discuss theological differences between the LDS and RLDS. It does say churches evolved separately. The RLDS never sanctioned polygamy, and that it has always baptized people of different races.

A schism occurred in the church after a revelation in 1984 extended the priesthood to women. The church also grants priesthood to people with same sex attractions.

Stephen M. Veazey was named prophet and president of the church in 2005. The Community of Christ operates a university in Independence called Graceland University.

In the video John Dehlin of "Mormon Stories" interviews the current prophet of the organization:

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