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Stone Point Capital

Stone Point Capital is a private equity firm based in Greenwich, Ct. The company appears to invest primarily in other financial services firms.

The front page claims to have $17 billion invested in 130 companies. The investment range from venture capital to corporate buyouts. Press releases associated with the buyouts appear to be real.

This firm is extremely interesting from an economic point of view because it is a huge financial service firm that is focused exclusively on the financial sector. It is a prime example of money making money. I mention this because Wikipedia deleted the page associated with the firm.

If someone was interested in studying how America's financial sector has gone wrong; they could start with this multi-billion dollar private equity firm that does nothing for the world but move money between other financial service companies.

Corporate History

In this section I will lest transactions that I encounter in my research which is the Mountain West. Unfortunately most of the 130 investments are outside my area of interest.

profile page


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