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Teleperformance is a multinational call service agency with over 450 contact centers in 83 countries. The company was founded in 1978. Its headquarters are in Paris, Fr. The stock trades on the Euronext exchange with the symbol TEP.

Wikipedia reported that the group employed 383,000 people in 2021. The web site has information on starting a career with Teleperformance in the US. The company offers some work at home opportunities. Teleperformance Investor Relations has corporate Information.

The video highlights the company's switch to a "work at home" structure during the COVID pandemic.

Corporate Timeline

The company called SR Teleperformance S.A. was created in 1990 through a complex merger led by Société Rochefortaise de Communication (SRC). You will often see the company's history starting with the creation Teleperformance in 1978.

Encyclopedia.com2 has a slightly better article on the company's history than Wikipedia.1 Both articles miss some rather important things.

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