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Engineering Technologies - SLC

I started this page as I was interested in who owned Engineering Technology Corp pictured above. They were acquired by ">Zoltek which manufactures carbon fiber. Zoltek was acquired by Toray.

Toray Group

Toray Industries, Inc. (東レ株式会社) is a multinational firm based in Japan that provides advanced composite materials for manufacturing. They are a leading provider of carbon fiber. Toray trades on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

As the company is headquarted in Tokyo, I suspect that the subsidiaries have an official name in Japanese. Many of the brands would have translations in a latin based language.

The English web sites with information on Toray Industries appear to lack details; So I harvested the brand names and names of subsidiaries from the web site.

The Toray Products page listed a huge number of brands. Many of the brands have their own web sites. As the products are used in manufacturing, the list is somewhat meaningless to the public at large. These are a few of the brands: TORAY NYLON™, TORAY TETORON™,, QUUP™, CEOα™, TORAYLON™, PENTAS™, AIRLET™, TORCON™, AXTAR™, BCF (Bulked Continuous Filament), TOYOFLON™, SIVERAS™, ecodear™, ECOUSE™, SILLOOK™, GULFENG™, ENTRANT™, Dermizax™, FIELDSENSOR™, Primeflex™, Airtastic™, SUMMER SHIELD™, ARTIROSA™, SILLOOKDUET™, senbism™, Ultrasuede™, Ecsaine™, hitoe™, MAKSPEC™, semiramis™, TETREX™, Hi-sofy™, NAFLAME™, HugFit™, LIVMOA™, TOYOLAC™, Amilan™, TORAYCON™, SIVERAS™, TORELINA™, TORAYPEF™, TORAYCA™Resin, TORAYMILL™, AQ Nylon, INTERCAT™, INTERDOG™, RAPROS™, Lumirror™, Torelina™, mictron™, TORAYFAN™, PICASUS™, DECOFIT™, SETELA™, TUFTOP™, TORAYCERAM™, Cerapeel™, RAYTELA™, RAYBRID™, FALDA™, SEMICOFINE™, PHOTONEECE™, TOPTICAL™, Photoclear™, TORELIEF™, TORAY WATERLESS PLATE™, Scintillator, PHOTOBLACK™, TORELIEF™, RESOLUCIA™, IMPRIMA™, PRIXIA™, TORAYCA™, Toray RO, Toray MBR, torayvino™, TORAYSHOWER™, TORAYSEE™, TORAYCLEAN™. TORAYMICRON™, BREATH-O™, TORAYLIGHT™, TORAYMYXIN™(PMX), INOUE BALLOON™, 3D-Gene™


Below I list a few of the web sites and subsidiearies of this multinational firm. Tracing the corporate history is beyond my means. The site Toray.US has news about the company's expansion in the United States. Toray EU has information on the firm in Europe.

Corporate History

I started this page to find out who owned Engineering Technologies pictured at the top of this page. Toray Group is a conglomerate based in Japan with multiple divisions. I did not find a decent page about the merger history of Toray.

profile page


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