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World Backup Day

World Backup Day is an event that reminds people to back up their computers. It is wise to periodically make sure that you can retrieve your back ups.

The picture shows a few of the devices that I've used to back up my personal computer. I started with floppy disks. I would have two sets of floppy disks and I would celebrate when my back up increased by a floppy as it meant I was productive.

I used some other devides like a Zip Drive by iomega and a variety of tape drives ... I could not find the drives nor the medium.

I bought a stack of write once CDs for back ups. I was horrified when personal computers stopped including CD drives.

Currently I back up my personal computer to an encrypted drive on my web server and back up my web server on my personal computer. It is also possible to use services like OneDrive and DropBox for this purpose.

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