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In 1969, the real estate developer Perry Mendel realized that there would be a growing demand for day care as women moved into the work force; So he created KinderCare which would develop centers that provided day care and early childhood learning.

He started the chain in Montgomery, Al. The chain grew to 19 locations before going public in 1972 after which it expanded to 60 locations in 17 states.

The company began growing by acquisition in 1979. Acquisitions include Playcare, Mini-Skools, Living and Learning, and American Pre-Schools. The company had 1,000 locations by 1985.

In 1987 Kinder Care purchased Sylvan Learning Centers.

The company took a suggestion from Michael Milken and began diversifying into other businesses. The company went bankrupt in 1991 and reorganized in 1992. They sold Sylvan and other assets in the re-organization.

The company Knowledge Universe, by Michael Milken, acquired Kinder Care.

In 2015, a Swiss investment group bought Knowledge Universe and renamed it to KinderCare Education.

The company's current headquarters are in Portland, Or. They have 1,700 locations which provide preschool education. They have 24,000 employees.

KinderCare Education Goes to Work from KinderCare Education on Vimeo.

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