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Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo (NYSE WFC) is a financial institution based in San Francisco. The company was founded in 1852 by Henry Wells and William G. Fargo as a mail express and banking company to serve the California Gold Rush and Western United States. Two years early, Mr. Wells and Fargo had established a similar company in Buffalo, New York called American Express.

Wells Fargo purchased the Butterfield Overland Mail Route in 1860, and later took over the remainin assets of the Pony Express in 1866. In 1905 Wells Fargo spun off its express service and the bank merged with Nevada National Bank. In the ensuing two centuries, the bank went through a variety of mergers and contractions (notably the majority of assets of the company (minus the bank) were nationalized in 1918 during the First World War. Other notable mergers include the 1983 purchase of Crocker Nation, the 1988 purchase of Barclays Bank, the 1996 purchase of First Interstate Bank, and the 1996 Purchase of First Interstate Bank. In 1998 the company Norwest purchased Wells Fargo, then changed its name to Wells Fargo.

Other notable achievements, Wells Fargo was the first company to offer online banking services in May 1995.

I have always been impressed with Wells Fargo taste in architecture as many of the most inspiring buildings in towns in the Mountain West carry the company's brand.

See Wells Fargo History for more information on the history of the bank.


Pictures of Wells Fargo Buildings in my various wanderings:

First Security Building in Salt LakeWells Fargo BuildingWells Fargo Building - OgdenWells Fargo - Wasatch BlvdWells Fargo - Brickyard / SLCWells Fargo - LoganWells Fargo - Cedar CityWells Fargo Tower - Salt Lake City

Corporate Timeline

Norwest acquired Wells Fargo; So I wills start the merger chain with Norwest and nest Wells Fargo's history.

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