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American Hotel Income Properties

American Hotel Income Properties is an REIT which has been acquiring hotels around the country. At the time of this review, AHiP traded over the counter with the symbol AHOTF.

The Yahoo profile says AHIP is headquartered in Vancourver, BC. and that it invests primarily in hotels frequented by railroad workers. In Dec 2017, the company claimed to own 115 hotels.

The company O'Neil Hotels and Resorts has the same address as AHIP. They seem to list the same hotels. The company One Lodging has the same address and lists the same hotels as well.

The site for Lodging Enterprises has an address in Wichita. The site says it designs hotels that are "dark and quiet," which they market to railroad and construction workers.

These are corporate events reported on the various web sites:

The company franchises the hotels through groups like .

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