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Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway is the primary investment tool of legendary investor Warren Buffet.

Amusingly, Mr. Buffett bought Berkshire Hathaway in a fit of anger at the management of the firm. Buffett started buying BRK at $7.5 with plans on selling during spikes. The stock rose and Buffett wanted a deal with the CEO in which he would sell his stock at $11 ½. Stanton tried to get Buffett to drop to $11​ 38. This made Buffett furious. He then bought the whole company and fired Stanton.

Buffett considered this impulsive buy to be the worst investing mistake of his career.

Apparently, the investment that made Buffett the most money was GEICO (Government Employees Insurance Company). This was an insurance company that was at risk of failing. Buffett bought GEICO on the cheap. GEICO raised rates and Buffett was able to use the massive funds of the insurance company to make billions.

Corporate History

Berkshire Hathaway makes numerous investments each year. In this section. Most of the early investments were partial equity stakes. I will only list investments that seem pivotal or that I encounter in other research.

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