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T-Mobile is an international telecommunication company with headquarters in Bellevue, Wa. The company trades on the NASDAQ with the symbol TMUS. The majority owners are Deutsche Telekom and Softbank.

T-Mobile bought Sprint Communications in June 2019.


Sprint is a long distance carrier and provider of cellular communication services (wireless).

Sprint traces its history to the Brown Telephone Company established in 1899. Through the merger process, Brown changed its name to United Telephone Company and later to United Telecommunications. United Telecom launched a nationwide x.25 communications network in 1980.

The modern era of Sprint began when Southern Pacific Railroad began using the microwave towers on its right of way for long distance calling as SPC Communications. SPC began offering switch telecommunication services after antitrust rulings against AT&T allowed competing long distance companies. SPC Communications called their product Switched PRIvate Network Telecommunications or SPRINT for short.

In 1982 SPC merged with GTE, an independent telephone company, to create GTE Sprint. GTE Sprint entered a partnership with United Telecommunications in 1986. United Telecom later purchased controlling interest in GTE Sprint and change the company's name to Sprint Corporation.

Sprint entered the wireless arena in 1993 with the purchase of Centel which allowed Sprint to sell cellular service in 18 states. In 1998, Sprint sold this network to create a new nationwide network in the PCS band.

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sprint which offers prepaid wireless. With prepaid wireless, you buy the phone and bandwidth upfront. Since you are buying minutes upfront, you have greater control of your bill. This also saves Sprint the cost of collections. This greater control allows to access the Sprint Network for less.

You can buy Reboost cards online or at stores around the nation. I personally switched from contract service to prepaid service and am extremely happy with the move.

Corporate Information

Sprint in headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas. They trade on the NYSE with the symbol S. The company maintains cellular communication towers and local stores throughout the county.

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