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Visionworks of America

Visionworks of America is a chain of 700 plus optical stores. The chain had developed a variety of brand names including EyeMasters, Visionworks Eye Wear, Hour Eyes, Dr. Bizer's VisionWorld, Dr. Bizer's ValueVision, ValuVision, Stein Optical, Vision World, and Eye DRx.

The company was incorporated in 1988. In 2006, its parent company Eye Care Centers of America merged with Highmark, a Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance firm, based in Pittsburgh.

Sugar House Visionworks

Corporate Events

This page lists select events is the company's merger chain.

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  1. Funding Universer - Eye Care Centers of America (Drawn 6/4/2019)
  2. Private Equity International - Tom Lee in Eye Care Exit (Drawn 6/4/2019)

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