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AmericanWest Bank

Founded in 1974, AmericanWest Bank was a banking chain headquartered in Spokane, Washington. As of December 2011, the bank claimed $2.3 billion in assets with 70 branches located in Washington, Utah, Idaho and California.

Many of the Utah locations came during the 2007 acquisition of Utah based Far West Bank. The acquisition is reported to have involved $30M in cash and $120M in stock.

In 2012, AmericanWest bank acquired PremierWest Bank. In 2015, AmericanWest bank, which had grown to 105 branches, was acquired by Banner Bank.

In July 2017, Banner Bank sold its Utah branches to Peoples Utah Bancorp which owns American Fork Bank.

Corporate History

This is the AmericanWest merger chain as I understand it:

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  1. GlobalNewswire - Merger (Drawn 11/21/2017)

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