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Dream Dinners innovated the new "mix and freeze dinner assembly" industry. What you do is register for a dinner building session online. After registering you select the dinners that you want in the up coming weeks. You then go to the dinner building factory. They will have the instructions and ingredients for building your dinners on site. You will then assemble all of your dinners. NOTE, you can modify the recipes while you assemble the dinners. You then take the dinners home for storage in your freezer. In the weeks ahead you pull out your dinners, cook and enjoy.

The advantage of this program is that you can build a large number of dinners at a single time in a festive atmosphere. The professionals at Dream Dinners will make sure you have the right ingredients (reducing food waste). The food is generally higher quality and costs less per serving than those freeze dried dinners you find in supermarkets.

At the time of this review, the typical 12 dinner building session cost a little over $200.00 (the price varies depending on the meals). They also offer 6 meal sessions. I understand the dinners are designed to feed 4 to 6 people. The cost comes to about $4.17 for 4 large plates. It would be under $3.00 for 6 human sized meals. You buy extra ingredients for larger groups.

To use the program, you start by selecting a dinner building location and dinner building session time. You then select your meals from about 14 different recipes. The recipes include nutritional information.

The program does a great job letting you schedule dinner building sessions and selecting the meals. It is a little bit weak on figuring out portion size.

Corporate information: The company was founded by Stephanie and Tina. You know, Stephanie and Tina up in Snohomish, Washington. Dream Dinners has been a sensation. Stephanie and Tina are now stars on the Food network and appear on the cover of many food and franchising magazines. The Dream Dinner franchise is hot ... with new stores opening on a regular basis.

BTW, the two things you need to use Dream Dinners is space in the freezer and a cooler for transporting the meals to and from the shop.

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