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Big Boy's

Big Boy Restaurant is a chain of burger restaurants that currently has 77 locations in the US and 279 restaurants in Japan.

The chain is extremely interesting in that it allowed co-branding and many of the co-branded restaurants became chains on their own right. Many of the franchises also had KFC franchises in the same building.

The Big Boy Franchise family included the following stores: Abdow's, Arnold's, Azar's, Becker's, Bob's, Bud's, Chez Chap, Don's, Eat'n Park, Elby's, Elias Brothers, Franklin's, Frejlach's, Frisch's, JB's, Kebo's, Ken's, Kip's, Lendy's, Leo's, Manner's, Marc's, McDowell's, Mr. B's, Shap's, Shoney's, Ted's, TJ's, Tops, Tote's, Tune's, Vip's and Yoda's. I don't have the time to review them all.

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