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C-A-L Ranch

C-A-L Ranch is a chain of stores offering western clothing and items for the ranch.

The company was founded in 1959 by Clinton Murphy and his two sons Allen and L. Wayne. The founders contributed the first letter of their first name to create the brand. The first store was in Idaho Falls.

The stores provide goods needed at the ranch house including western wear and ranch equipment.

The company began expanding through Idaho. It expanded to Utah in 1998 and then to Nevada and Arizona. The online store opened in 2012.

The company has remained private through the years. The Johonstons bought the store in 1989. The Johnstons later sold the works to Bill Wallace, Bruce Sharp and Jerry Ward in 2006. The video introduces the chain of owners.

The company has an affiliate program with Avantlink; however they only accept applications from quality sites.

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