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Caribou Coffee is a nationwide chain of coffee shops with over 600 locations world wide. The chain is currently held by JAB Holdings. Its headquarters are in Edina, Mn. It is now part of JAB Holdings which owns Krispy Creme, Einstein Bagels, Bruegger Bagals, Peet's Coffee, Panera Bread and more.

A caribou (aka the reindeer) is a type of deer that abounds on the tundra in the arctic areas of North America and Europe. The site CoffeeAndBagels.com has information for people who want to join the Caribou herd. The video shows the roasting process:

Corporate History

John Puckett, founder of Caribou conceived of the chain while working at Bain & Company. Although the original plan was to start in an urban center, Puckett opened the first shop in Edina, Minnesota. The corporate offices continue to be in Edina.

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