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City Investing Company

I've been writing articles about the consolidation of industry in the United States. What people miss when investigating mergers is the large number of conglomerates that fail.

City Investing Company was a huge conglomerate that chose to liquidate itself in 1984. The firm owned several notable companies including Motel 6, Rheem (which manufactures air conditioning systems), World Color Press (the largest publisher of illustrated works), General Development Corporation (which worked on public/private ownership in cities), along with several insurance companies and savings and loans.

I decided to make this page to start following the transactions involved in the company.

Assets included Home Insurance Company, Federal Home Life Insurance Company, Rheem Air Conditioners, World Color Press, General Developemnt Corporation, Guerdon Industries, Motel 6, Red Barn and California Savings and Loan.

The Liquidation of City Investing

City Investing had grown to a huge corporation with disparate entities. They chose to engage in a complete liquidation. It appears that KKR acquired many of the assets. They let the Red Barn fail. In this section, I examine the fates of the companies.

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