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Churches of Christ

Churches of Christ refers to a collection of autonomous congregations tracing its roots to the Restoration Movement in the early 1800s.

The restoration movement sought to restore the ideals of the earliest Christian churches with a strong focus on the New Testament. Wikipedia, drawn 7/17/2019, reported that over 43,000 congregations with over two million members affiliated with the movement.

The local churches are largely autonomous. I imagine that there there are substantially differences between congregations. Notably, Marie Weiss split from the CoC in San Diego in 1958 and created a new branch which became influential.

I've encountered videos in which some former members of the CoC claimed that their "Church of Christ" congregation felt like a cult.

The web sites and provide lists of congregations. Both lists are out of date.

This video by Mission Hills Church of Christ talks about what one could expect when visiting a Church of Christ.

Church Timeline

The early leaders of the CoC were critics of the doctrines and denominations in Europe. The result is that the church does not have as strong as clean of a history as some denominations. In this section, I simply list some influential people and pivotal moments.


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