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Epiq Global provides services in the legal world serving law firms, governments and corporations. Services include data security, discovery and compliance. They have 70 offices, 14 data centers and 5,500 employees.

Corporate Mergers

The company has grown through mergers and acquisitions. I will list the mergers that I come across in my research of the private equity industry.

The current firm was created by a merger of Document Technologies, Inc. and Epiq. Both companies had fallen into the clutches of private equity firms.

The press releases say that DTI acquired Epiq. They then changed their name to Epiq. So, I wills start the merger chain with DTI and nest Epiq's history. PS: To further complicate matters, there are other independent firms that have the uninspired name Documents Technology, Inc..

The amusing thing about this merger chain is that there were crimes and bankruptcies involved in a company that tracks crimes and bankruptcies.

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