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FedMart was a chain of membership warehouse stores based in California.

The company was founded in the 1950s by attorney Sol Price who inherited an empty warehouse. He decided to create a membership warehouse club modeled after FedCo. FedCo was a non-profit member warehouse store started by Postal workers who wanted to use collective bargaining power to get lower priced goods.

Price's friend Mandell Weiss was a jeweler with wholesale connections. His wife Merie Weiss established a sect in the Church of Christ that some consider to be a cult.

Mr. Price sold FedMart to Hugo Mann. They had a disagreement. During the dispute, Price's son set up Price Club and a compatriot set up Costco. The distributors aligned with Price. FedMart became a empty bag and Mann closed the stores. Price Club merged with Costco. The Price family took their money and connections and set up PriceSmart which operates in South and Central America.

FedMart Time Line

This section shows events in the corporate history of FedMart. I drew the basic structure from Wikipedia and the San Diego reader1,2.

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