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J. Jill offers women's clothing through an online catalog and mall based stores. The company had about 275 stores in 2019. J Jill's headquarters are in Quincy, Ma. They trade on the NYSE with the symbol JILL.

I examined the stock in Nov 2019. The company was making a profit but it had $485 million in debt and a market value of just $80 million.

Corporate H2001, J. Jill sold 1.2 million shares,istory

The company started as a catalog. A group called DM Management aggressively marketed the catalog and grew a customer base of over a million subscribers2,4. The company then became a mall based store.

The mall stores actually undermined the catalog since they had to collect sales tax. The company moved into internet marketing. The success was limited by the fact that they had to collect sales tax in every state where they had a store.

The company declined and fell into the hands of private equity firms. TowerBrook, one of the funds created by George Soros, held an IPO for the firm in 20017. The price fell from $13.00 to $1.48. Investors who bought the IPO lost 88% of their investment. The lesson here is never buy an IPO from a private equity firm.

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