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Journeys is a nationwide network of shoe stores that targets people in the 13-21 year-old age range.

Journeys was created by Genesco in the late 1990s in an effort that was spearheaded by James Estepa.

Mr. Estepa began working part time for Kinney Shoes in 1969 in California's Santa Clara Valley (aka Silicon Valley). At Kinney's he met Cameron Anderson who developed Foot Locker.

In 1985, Genesco hired Estepa as a general manager. Estepa quickly became the head of the Journeys department in 1999. Journeys quickly grew to over a thousand stores.

Jim Estepa's name provides a great example of an "aptronym". A name involving the sounds "gym" and "step" is perfect for a person selling sports shoes.

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