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KMart is a leading department store known for great values and convenience. KMart carries everything from clothes to kitchen wares and furniture. It is a great place to stock up on basics. The recent merger with Sears has expanded KMart's offerings of tools and appliances.

KMart traces its history to 1899 when Sebastian Spering Kresge (The K in KMart) opened his first five and dime in Detroit. With a good selection of quality merchandise at a fair price, KMart expanded through the years and tackled different markets as the shopping landscape in America Evolved.

Corporate Information

In 2005, KMart completed a merger with Sears. The combined company trades with the symbol NYSE: SHLD. Together KMart and Sears have 3900 retail outlets. Notable brands held by the company include Kenmore, Craftsman, and DieHard. In 2014 Sears Holding Company (Sears * KMart Combined) had some 4000 stores and 249,000 employees.

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