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LimeBike is a company that rents electronic bikes and scooters. The business model is to leave bikes and at select locations around target cities. Users can find and unlock local bikes with an app.

At the end of the ride, users are instructed to take a picture of the bike with the app to assure that they parked the bike correctly.

NOTE: I have not used the service, nor have I downloaded the app.

The Lime web site says that rental prices vary by city. This is due to fees charged by the city. The site Ridester said that it cost a dollar to unlock the bike and $0.15 a minute ($9 per hour) to ride.

Ridester mentions a gig called a Lime Juicer . Juicers gather up recharge and then reposition the bikes.

Apparently bike sharing companies have had disputes with different cities. In response, Lime created a geofencing technology which limits where one can park a Lime Bike.

The video shows a person renting a Lime Bike

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