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United Wheels HK

United Wheels is a China based holding company that owns bicycle manufacturing facilities and popular bike brands including Huffy, Niner Bikes, Batch Bicycles, Royce Union, VAAST Bikes and Buzz E-Bikes. They ship more than 5 million bicycles annually.

Corporate History

Huffy Corporation began outsourcing manufacturing to Chinese based companies in the 1990s. Huffy declared bankruptcy in 2004.

In OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) relations, one tends to de-emphasize the name of the manufacturer while promoting the brand name.

As is often the case, I could not find good information on who purchased the intellectual property in the bankruptcy sale. I suspect that it was the OEM that manufactured bikes in Hong Kong. Huffy owned the brands Huffy, Batch Bicycles, Royce Union, and Buzz E-Bikes

The holding company registered the domain in 2012. I could not find the business records for UWHK.

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