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Marwit Capital

Marwitt Capital is private equity firm established in 1962 and based in Newport Beach, Ca. The company claims to have participated in over 50 buyouts since 1994 and that it currently owns 11 businesses with a combined revenue over $600 million with a total capitalization over $200 million.

The site appears out of date when I visited in June 2019. Their portfolio listed 4 current investments and 21 realized investments. The portfolio gave the investment date and headquarters of the acquisitions. I will denote the sold entities with xxxx and the current with the term "present." I will supplement the list with additional info as I acquire it. The site does not list the size of the investment; so I will use the term "invested in" instead of "acquired."

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  1. Business Wire - Marwit Capital Announces Acquistion of Western Emulsions (Drawn 6/16/2019)

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