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Prismacolor Pencils

When I was in school my teachers looked down on the use of colored pencils. However, I found that I loved the feel of Prismacolor pencils and realized that they would evolve into a legitimate medium for art; So, I eventually bought a box of 120 prismacolor pencils.

Unfortunately, life intervened and I never had a chance to use the pencils. Anyway, I just broke out my box of 120 pencils. To my delight I discovered the pencils were as good as new.

Since I am writing up corporate histories, I decided to include a page for Prismacolor pencils. The fact that the pencils survived storage without a hitch makes me highly recommend buying the brand.

Advertisement: You can buy discounted pencils at Mister Art. I recommend getting the big box.

I will place my drawings with my pencils on Protophoto. Prismacolors are great for designing pictures for web sites. However, since they are not "light fast", I might eventually switch Polychromos (a more expensive pencil).

Brand History

Below is a timeline for the Prismacolor line.1,2

profile page


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