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Wendy's restaurant is currently held by a group called The Wendy's Company which was formerly known as Triarc.

Triarc was founded at Deisel-Wemmer-Gilbert in 1884 which sold hand rolled cigars*.

In the 1960s DWG became an investment vehicle for the leveraged buyout king Victor Posner (1918-2002). Victor Posner got his start in real estate. His companies expanded through a complex series of leveraged buyouts including National Pipeline, RC Cola (1984), Arby's (1984), Snapple Beverages (1997). The buyouts were complex involving questionable tactics. For example, Posner sat on the board of Sharon Steel and invested the company's pension fund in his other companies. In 1993 Victor and his son Steven Posner barred from being an officer or directory of a publicly traded firm.

DWG Company changed its name to Triarc in 1993. It acquired Wendy's in April 2008 and changed its name to the Wendy's/Arby's Group. It sold all but 18% of Arby's to an investment firm called the Roark Group in 2011 and changed its name to The Wendy's Company which is headquartered in Dublin, Ohio and trades on the NASDAQ as WEN.

Wendy's Restaurants

Wendy's Restaurant is an international chain of fast food restaurants established in 1969 by Dave Thomas (July 2, 1932 - January 8, 2002) in Columbus, Ohio. The restaurants are known for assembly line constructed square hamburgers, the frosty and chili made of leftover hamburgers. The single burgers are larger than the standard single burger at competitors. In 1984 Wendy's released an add with an elderly lady pitching the catch phrase: "Where's the Beef?"

Wendy's introduced a breakfast menu in 2007 which features a variety of breakfast sandwiches and breakfast burrito.

In 2005, Anna Ayala found a human finger tip in her chili in a Las Vegas Wendy's. It turned out to be from her coworker's husband. Apparently she was trying to hit triple digit jackpot with a lawsuit.

In 1995, Wendy's acquired the Tim Hortons chain of donut shops which it sold in 2006. Tim Hortons is currently in merger with Burger King.

Yahoo reports that, as of March 2014, the Weny's chain included 6500 restaurants with 5500 being owned by franchises.

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