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Roark Capital Group

A growing number of companies are seeking the shelter of large (often politically connected) private equity firms. Private equity firms avoid the public scrutiny of publicly traded firms.I dislike this trend as furthers the separation between businesses and the communities they serve.

With headquarters in Atlanta, Roark Capital Group was founded in 2001 by Neal Aronson who was previous a co-founder of U.S. Franchise Systems which bought Microtel and founded Best Inns. The group is named after a fictional character in Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead."

The company has a complex structure in which subsidiaries have subsidiaries. For example Driven Brands owns multiple automotive brands, Inspire Brands owns restaurants, Self Esteem Brands owns fitness related products and Focus Brands seems to have no particular focus.

To make this page I will list all of the company's that seem to have a current or historical connection to the right. I will place transactions to the companies below.

I will make individual pages for brands that have franchises in the Mountain West.

Corporate History

This section shows select transactions that I come across in other research.

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