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Banfield Pet Hospital is an expanding chain of veterinarian clinics owned by the Mars Corporation (wikipedia).

The company was founded in Portland in 1957 1955 by Warren J. Wegert and named for the nearby Banfield Freeway. The company changed its name to Medical Management International, Inc..

MMI formed an alliance with PetSmart to add clinics in their stores in 1994 which was originally called VetSmart. Banfield began a period of rapid expansion and grew to 250 units by 2001 and became the largest privately owned veterinary practice by 2004.

Banfield was acquired by Mars in 2007 and has grown to over 800 pet hospitals by 2016.

Banfield Video

The Banfield YouTube channel has helpful videos about pet care. This video recommends getting a Microchip. I would add to the video that you should ask the vet to do a verifying scan after injecting the chip.

BTW, if you find a lost animal, most vets will scan the pet for free to help reunite it with its humans.

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