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Del Frisco Restaurant Group

Del Frisco's Restaurant Group, based in Irving, Tx, operates a collection of upscale restaurants. They had 73 restaurants when I wrote this page in Oct 2019. The brands include:

In the mid 1990s. Del Frisco was acquired by Lone Star Star Steakhouse. Lone Star had the ambitions of becoming the definitive steakhouse on the planet.

The company wanted to approach the market with a three tiered attack. They would develop Del Frisco's Double Eagle as the luxury high end steakhouse. Lone Star would be a mid tier brand and middle America, and Sullivan's Steakhouse would be a scrappy contender.

Lone Star aggressively over expanded and undermined its own market. The over expansion led to a shareholder revolt which magnified the market confusion surrounding the brand. Lone Star imploded.

Lone Star spun off Sullivan's and the Double Eagle into a company called Del Frisco. The main corporation tried shedding restaurants by the hundreds but eventually found respite in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

The spin off was in dicey shape as well. They had a luxury brand and a scrappy brand. The spin off attempted to diversify by buying Bartaco and Barcelona Wine Company.

But it appears that the ultimate fate is for the company to be torn apart with Romano's Macaroni Grill buying Sullivans and Landry's acquiring the Double Eagle.

Corporate History

The corporate history of Del Frisco's is confusing. The most interesting part of the merger chain is the rapid growth and implosion of Lone Star.

History of the New Del Frisco's

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