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L Catterton is a huge private equity firm that appears to have several billion dollars in equities under contract.

The company was founded in 1989 by Frank Vest and Michael Chu, and William E. Simon. The company was seeded in part by Wesray Capital - a private equity firm started by Simon in 1981. Investments of Wesray included "Atlas Vans", "Gibson Greeting Cards" and "Avis Rent-A-Car.

Prior to working in leveraged buyouts, Simons was the Secretary of Treasury under President Nixon and President Ford. (Isn't it amazing how politicians end up owning everything?).

Investments by private equity firms are extremely complex. I started the list below by copying it from a page called List of Transactions. This does not imply they have full ownership. Private equity firms often spin off acquisition.

Transaction History

This section lists transactions that I encounter in other research.

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