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Panera Bread

Panera Bread is a chain of bakery cafes with a healthy selection of soups and salads to accompany artisan breads. Panera currently operates over 1500 restaurants in 42 states and Canada.

Panera was formed in the 1990s after the merging of the Au Bon Pan restaurant and The Saint Louis Bread Company. Panera is headquartered in St Louis and trades on the NASDAQ with the symbol PNRA.

Panera Bakeries were early adopters of the internet and turned its locations into wifi hotspots seeking to establish their restaurants as "The Third Place" (With home and work being the first and second place).

Paradise Bakery and Cafe

in 2007, Panera purchased the 70 unit Paradise Bakery of Scottsdale.


Panerathon is a benefit race to raise funds to end hunger.

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