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Papa John's is one of the world's largest Pizza franchises with over five thousands establishments worldwide. The company is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky and trades on the NASDAQ with the symbol PZZA.

The restaurant was founded by John Schnatter who added a pizza kitchen to his father's tavern in 1984. He opened his own restaurant in the following year.

The restaurants concentrate on take out and delivery with a web site and communication system that allows the public to order their pizza online. Some of the restaurants have a seating.

Papa John's in Salt Lake

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You can buy Papa John's gift cards at giftcard.com. (FCC Disclaimer: This site might benefit by purchases made through gift card link.). The video shows the Papa John's story:

Corporate History

This section shows select corporate event's in the company's history. The history has been fairly straight forward. An entrepreneur started the firm, held an IPO and grew the firm. The story took a big turn when the founder was forced out of the firm in 2018.1,2.

This is Schnatter's recounting the incident. Schnatter used the word-must-not-be-said in a comment about political correctness. The stock chart for PZZA shows that the stock took a nose dive during the controversy indicating leading credence to the claim that the controversy was hyped up by people playing games with the stock.

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