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Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings is a chain that serves a variety of bar foods including spicy "buffalo wings," burgers, tacos, chicken tenders and other savory dishes. The company had over 1,200 locations in 2019.

A "buffalo wing" is a deep fried chicken wing with spicy sauces. Legends holds that Teressa Bellissimo created the recipe at Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY.

The company has a compelling story: Jim Disbrow (1948 – 2002) overcame polio as a child. He strengthened his legs with skating. He won the silver medal in the junior men's division at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in 1966.

In 1982 Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery were attending an event at Kent State University. They went out to get wings and couldn't find any! So they decided to start a chain to bring wings to the world. The first restaurant was near Ohio State University in Columbus. It sold wings and a sandwich called "beef on weck." Weck is a style of role.

The company's original name was Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck with the initials BWWW. That is hard to say; so they changed the initials to BW3 pronounced "Be Dub Three".

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