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Church's Chicken

Church's is a chain of restaurants serving Texas style fried chicken. The chain was founded by George W. Church Sr. (1903 – 1956) who was an incubator salesman. The business was taken over by his son George Church Jr. in 1956.

The company grew rapidly and was the second largest fried chicken chain when it merged with Popeyes Chicken in 1989. The combined company filed for bankruptcy in 1991. The re-emerged company took the name "America's Favorite Chicken Company, Inc." which went public after reorganization with the symbol AFC.

In 1998, AFC purchased the Seattle Coffee Company. In 2003 they sold it to Starbucks.

AFC sold Church's to an Islamic based venture capital firm called Arcapita in 2004. This firm removed items containing pork from the menu. Arcapita sold the firm to Friedman Fleischer & Lowe of San Francisco in 2009.

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