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Cinnabon is a chain offering freshly baked cinnamon rolls and related treats. The company has over 5000 locations. The locations generally are stand alone kiosks in malls. They are often embedded in truck stops, airport terminals, and gas stations. This is the store within a store concept.

Cinnabon was created by Restaurants Unlimited (RUI) of Seattle. RUI built a number of notable casual restaurants before Cinnabon. As Cinnabon required a different marketing strategy, RUI spun off the chain.

RUI continued to grow gradually after selling Cinnabon. Unfortunately, the sharp increase in minimum wage in the cities where RUI operated made the chain's labor intensive strategy untenable. RUI filed chapter 11 in 2019.

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Cinnabon has over 5000 locations. Many of the locations are kiosks in a mall. Some of the locations are little more than a counter at a gas station.

My Review

I had a Cinnabon cinamon roll back in 2000. It was tasty, but I am still trying to burn it off.

Corporate History

The company is involved in the merger chain of Popeye's and other brands. The brand was created by Restaurants Unlimited (RUI); So I will begin the merger chain there.

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