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Arby's is an international chain of fast food restaurants known for its roast beef sandwiches. The company is currently held by Inspire Brands which, in turn, is owned by Roark Capital.

Corporate History

The corporate history of Arby's poses a challenge. The restaurant was acquired by a conglomerate that then changed its name to "Arby's Corporation." So, I decided to start this story with the conglomerate. You can skip to Arby's

The group came under the control of Victor Posner who was a pioneer in leveraged buyouts. Posner owned controlling interest in an investment firm. The investment firm bought controlling interest in DWG. DWG then bought controlling interest in other companies including RC Cola which owned Arby's. Posner would saddle the companies with debt and buy more companies. Possner created a mess of most the companies he bought.

The video talks explains the history of Arby's as a series of rises and falls. Essentially, when the owners view the chain as a cash cow, it goes down in quality. When the owners like Arby's the restaurants improve.

To make matters even more confusing: Arby's acquired Wendy's. Arby's then sold Arby's and changed its name to Wendy's. The company that bought Arby's, Roark, revamped the chain and introduced "We've got the meat" campaign. The new Arby's went on a buying spree. Arby's holding company changed its name to Inspire Brands. Inspire acquired Buffalo Wild Wings, Rusty Tacos, Sonic Drive Ins and Jimmy John's

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