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Grifols is an Spanish company based in Barcelona that is listed on the Madrid stock exchange as GRF and on the NASDAQ as GRFS.

The company was founded in 1940 by a Spanish hemotologist named Dr José A. Grifols Roig who developed processes for acquiring, preserving and delivering plasma.

This International company entered the US Market in 2000 with a subsidiary called GrifolPlasma.com. Their web site lists 150 plasma centers in the United States. These centers have names like "Talecris Plasma Resources," "BioMat USA," "Grifols" and "PlasmaCare."

The sites compensate people who donate plasma for their time. BioMat and Talecris have slightly different requirements for donations. You will need a proof of your SSN and a photo id. You need to plan at least two visits to donate plasma. The site does not give exact figures on the amount of the donations. The site says you will get paid with a prepaid Visa Card.

Financial Scandal

There was a financial scandal in 2006 in which Barry Plost, who was on the board of SeraCare and BioMat USA, misreported earnings. Plost sold his shares in SeraCare before the stock tanked. SeraCare was later acquired by Linden Capital Partners in 2012.

Grifols' timeline says they purchased a company called SeraCare which was renamed to BioMat in 2002. This is confusing as SeraCare continued to exist after the acquisition. My guess is that Grifols purchased a division of SeraCare and that division was rebranded.

Grifols acquired a company called PlasmaCare in 2006. Finally, Grifols purchased Talecris Biotherapeutics Holdings Corp in 2011. (The FTC required Grifols to sell plants in NY, NC and Al before merger)

The company appears to be keeping the names of the companies they acquire and treating them as subdivisions. I cannot see any significant difference between the the brands on the web site.

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