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Huffy was a leading bike manufacturer in the United States. Their strongest success was in the kid's market. The company depended on sales through discount stores. Due to high labor costs in the US, they were uable to provide bikes at the price point demaned by these stores. Huffy tried outsourcing to Asia.

Despite the use of automation and concessions from the union. Huffy failed to compete. Huffy filed bankruptcy after an accounting scandal in 2004. I could not find details on the aquisition trail. The firm United Wheels currently owns the brand.

The video below discusses the rise and fall of Huffy.

Corporate History

The Huffy story is a bit confusing as the company created by George Huffman was liquidated in 1924. In that same year, his son Horace created a new manufacturing firm; so the official founding date is 1924. The company suffered financial problems in the 1990s and outsourced to Asia. Although it has corporate offices in Ohio, it is primarily a Chinese company now.

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