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SeedInvest is a New York based crowdfunding platform for equity investing.

The SeedInvest platform receives applications for investments. If SeedInvest believes that strategy has the potential for exponential growth, they advertise the opportunity to their investors.

Their web listed 9 investments seeking funding on its primary site when I visited in November 2020. I did not find a page listing its historic investments. Crunchbase1 says the company has been involved in 193 investments. Wikipedia had a list of nine investments.

Corporate Timeline

While researching the company in 2020, I could not figure out who owned SeedInvest. A company called Circle acquired SeedInvest in 2018. Circle acquired the cryptocurrency exchange called Poloniex in the same year. A company called Polo Digital run by the TRON Foundation acquired Poloniex. Some of the articles presented this purchase as a merger; However, it appears that Circle remained an independent company and that Circle wants to shed SeedInvest.

It also appears that Circle might sell SeedInvest.

I do not have the resources to track all investments; So I will only list transactions that I encounter in other research.

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